Deborah Norville 

​​I think our job as parents are to give our kids roots to grow and wings to fly."  

Three sessions - $175
Additional sessions - $50/session

*Insurance is not available for this service unless your child has a mental health diagnosis and would benefit from family therapy to reduce presenting symptoms.


  • developing effective behavior  management techniques,
  • Exploring strategies to increase positive parenting practices, 
  • ​incorporate stress management skills, and    
  •  increase healthy communication ​relational patterns.

Parent Consultation

"Good enough parenting" is a family therapy phrase that assures parents that parenting is difficult, parent's make mistakes, but overall, their children will grow and thrive. However, there are times when the role of parenting can be daunting and can lead to unhealthy responses to negative emotions and behaviors. Chronic negative parent/child interactions can be detrimental to the emotional well being of the child, parent, and family.

Consultation services are offered to parents for: