HOPE - Child and Family Counseling

‚ÄčAdolescent and Adult Therapy

Educational Supportive Services

School Observations and Assessments
ADHD Interventions 
Disruptive Behavior Consultation
Autism Spectrum Interventions 
Teacher Collaboration and Consultation
Counseling Services in School Settings (per approval)

Early Intervention
Play Therapy
Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy

Graduate level Internships
Post-Master's Supervision
Registered Play Therapy Supervision

HOPE - Pediatric Therapy Center

Mental Health Counseling and Therapy
Child and Adolescent Counseling 
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Couple's Therapy
Individual/Adult Therapy

Family Wellness Programs and Workshops
Parent Consultation
Parenting Workshops
Family Enhancement Workshops
Family Fun Nights

Please Note: We will offer workshops and family fun nights based upon public interest and/or need and based upon our areas of expertise. Your suggestions are welcomed!

Substance Abuse Outpatient Services
AODA Assessments
Substance Abuse Therapies